Feel Good Education

Supporting fostered and adopted children and their families to feel good about learning.

“Amy helps my daughter feel confident and safe so that she can learn. She has a warm, gentle nature and encouraging smile. There’s no shame involved and lots of genuine praise. My daughter loves their time together.”

Parent of a child in Year 6

“Mrs Turner has been supporting our secondary aged son for several months, in preparation for his GCSEs. The specifically tailored work he receives has not only developed his understanding, but also his confidence. The personalised content of his work has appealed to him, enabling him to regain an interest in learning.  We have found Mrs Turner to be compassionate, professional, and reliable.” Parent of a Year 11

“Amy is fun and really good at maths. She is a great person!”

Child, Year 6

“Amy was a brilliant tutor for my son over the summer holidays. He needed extra support and she helped him with his reading and writing with lots of fun games. She is calm, patient and creative. He really enjoyed the superhero games!”

Parent of a child in Year 1

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