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Education that Feels Good

“Education is not about filling pails but lighting fires.” WB Yeats Sadly, the above quote is something our government, Ofsted and even many schools have lost sight of. Too many schools have been pushed into a results focused, narrow, even exclusive curriculum. Too much money is being spent on people in suits who think theyContinue reading “Education that Feels Good”

Half Term Thoughts 🙂

How are you all managing the half term week? For me, there are lots of lovely things about half term holidays, but they also take every ounce of my energy, and can be pretty intense! Our children desperately needed the break, but they also need routine, and they struggle when things are different. I haveContinue reading “Half Term Thoughts :-)”

This Week’s News 🙂

What are your plans for the SUMMER HOLIDAYS? Last week, I mentioned two ideas for the summer holidays, and plans for these are coming together very nicely now 🙂 FEEL GOOD CLUB for 5-12 year olds This will be a drop off club for 5-12 year olds, focused on having fun, boosting confidence and generallyContinue reading “This Week’s News :-)”


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